#grid v5

Wed, 3 Nov 2010: This is a little tool we created for our Analog holding page. It inserts a layout grid in web pages, allows you to hold it in place, and toggle between displaying it in the foreground or background. To see it in action, hit G on your keyboard.


Download #grid from GitHub


#grid comes set up with a 980px-wide container that includes 20px gutters, and assumes one lead of 20px. A second 660px-wide container is included to show you how to set up multiple grids.


  1. Copy the hashgrid.js script to your project

  2. Add the script to your page(s) just inside the </body> tag

  3. Add the CSS to your page(s)

  4. Modify #grid to suit your needs

    The CSS and JavaScript is annotated to help you.


The document must have keyboard focus for #grid to work. You may need to click on the document background or TAB into the page first.

Show the grid until you release.
G + H
Show and hold the grid (G will remove it again).
G + F
Toggle the grid to the foreground and back. Pressing F while the grid is held also works.
G + J
Jump to the next grid. Pressing J while the grid is held also works.

N.B. A cookie conveniently remembers the state of the grid when you refresh the page. While the grid is in front, you will not be able to interact with the page except in Chrome v4, Safari v4, Firefox v3.6, or more recent versions.

Release Notes

v5 — 3 Nov 2010
  • Vertical grid lines can now be set using CSS… images are no longer required! Thanks to Sean Coates for the contribution.
  • Click events now interact with the page when the grid is in the foreground. Tested in WebKit and Gecko. Thanks to Phil Dokas for the tip about using the pointer-events CSS property.
  • Improved grid rendering, fixing a compatibility issue with jQuery 1.4.3. Thanks to everybody who’s given feedback.
v4 — 29 Mar 2010
Fixes for multiple grid support under WebKit (Safari and Chrome).
v3 — 22 Feb 2010
Multiple grids can be set up and cycled through at a key press. To avoid keyboard shortcut conflicts, the default keys have been changed (see Usage). Using CTRL, ALT or SHIFT as a modifier key is now optional. Keys no longer show or affect the grid while typing in forms.
v2 — 2 Feb 2010
Keys are now more easily configured (see top of hashgrid.js). Renamed the GridOverlay object to hashgrid. Fixed crash when using with disabled CSS.
v1 — 21 Dec 2009
First release.

Known Issues


Released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License, which essentially means that you’re free to copy it and adapt it. Contact us at Analog if you need a different license.